This Sunday at Double Springs

Faith without works...IS DEAD. Wow, what a statement! This week at Double Springs we will begin a brand new sermon series through the book of James that will be transformational! Be in your place at 10:30am and bring a friend or three!


5 Things That Have Led Me Toward Abundance

In the Gospel of John, the Lord Jesus made a pretty remarkable statement. After describing the purposes of our enemy who exist to steal, kill and destroy, He says that in contrast He comes to give life. Actually, He said He came to give life in abundance. I became a Christian as a teenager but … Continue reading 5 Things That Have Led Me Toward Abundance

This Sunday At Double Springs

We don't believe that following Christ is as complicated as we've made it. Is it difficult? Yes. How about sacrificial in nature? Of course. But....complicated? Only when man imposed rules and regulations are "required". This Sunday morning, we're launching a brand new teaching series where we'll cut through the red tape and discover the freeing … Continue reading This Sunday At Double Springs